Winter vs Spring in the Sierra Foothills

Winter vs Spring in the Sierra Nevada Foothills
Clouds, Snow, and Sun – Spring is here but Winter is Hanging on!

Hi everyone. I’ve been hankering to post today, and thinking about something appropriate. Although we’re in Spring now, winter isn’t quite over yet in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. There have been some warm sunny days, but we are again in the midst of a series of winter-like storms passing through. I captured this shot a couple weeks ago, and think it captures this mix of winter->spring transition as seen at the edge of the Sierra.

This was along the highway outside of Kings Canyon National Park in the southern Sierra. The valley areas were clear and sunny, but there were lots of clouds and mist up in the mountains. At this point on the highway, the dark clouds are hanging low overhead, and as you look towards the valley, you can see the green of the hills. The sun shone through the clouds in places, highlighting the contours of the foothills.

As I stood here capturing photos, the temperature was in the 30’s, with a cool breeze, and snow all around. A few minutes later, I was down in the valley, where it was 60 degrees.

Enjoy, and let me know how this scene strikes you! 😃

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