A Snowy Sunset in the Sierra Foothills

Sonora California Snow Sunset
Colorful sunset through the clouds & oak trees, in the Sierra Nevada Foothills near Sonora, CA

Hi everyone – I hope you’re all doing OK with the winter weather! The parade of storms has continued here in the Sierra foothills. There was about 18″ of snow outside where I live, then we had heavy rain and wind for a couple days, wiping most of it out. Now it’s been snowing again since yesterday, and probably through tomorrow. Winter got a late start for us, but it’s making up for lost time 😀.

Here’s a photo I captured right after one of the earlier storms in this series. This was out in the hills surrounding Sonora, CA. Its area that’s beautiful ordinarily, and where it’s not all that common to see any significant snow, so that’s just a bonus. As I looked across the meadow, I saw the fence leading up to oak trees on the crest of the hills – and a layer of clouds beyond on the horizon. The setting sun cast a colorful glow above and below the cloud bank, creating beautiful color on the snow. This is one of those shots I couldn’t reproduce if I tried, as the right conditions just happened to occur at that time.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend! 😎

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